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Parenting a child with special needs can be difficult.  Navigating the complex, technical world of Special Education can be intimidating, challenging and sometimes frustrating.  It doesn’t matter whether your child has a learning disability, a physical disability, or a developmental disability:  you want to advocate effectively for your child.  You want to make sure they get the support they need and the quality education they deserve.  But it can be difficult to know what your child is entitled to, what supports and programs are available, and how to work effectively with your school to get what’s right for your child.  We can help.

We are special education advocates with extensive professional experience helping families of exceptional children understand and navigate the special education world, and obtain the quality education their children deserve.  We are parents of our own children with special needs, so we’ve “been there,” and we “get it.” Whether you have just learned that your child has a disability (or perhaps only suspect that they might), or whether you are encountering new problems after years of navigating the process yourself, we can help.  It doesn’t matter whether you need only a little advice and direction, or extensive direct representation with your school:  we can advise you, support you, stand by your side, and help you rest assured that your child is getting the right supports and the quality education to which they are entitled.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s academic progress, disabilities, assessments, the “IEP” process, the “504” process, program development, alternative placements, suspension and disciplinary proceedings, compliance, or any other aspect of special education, we can help.  We serve families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including: Palo Alto, San Francisco, East Bay, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, San Ramon Valley and the Tri Valley communities (Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin).  Please see our Service Area page for more information.

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