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We provide advocacy support services regarding all aspects of special education, including: 

  • concerns about academic progress

  • information about disabilities

  • initial assessment

  • eligibility and development of 504 plans

  • eligibility and development of IEP’s

  • finding appropriate accommodations

  • developing quality educational goals

  • obtaining services, like speech

  • classroom observations

  • team communication

  • compliance issues

  • social or behavioral concerns

  • independent educational evaluations

  • evaluating alternative placements

  • suspension and disciplinary proceedings

  • resolving disputes

Our advocacy services are individually tailored to each client and situation.  Some families just want a little information or advice.  Other families need in-depth consultation, and use our advice to work with their schools themselves.  But most of our clients ask us to work directly with the school, to advocate for them and their child, and to stand by their sides through the special education process.  Usually this starts with a review of paperwork, a meeting to go over history and concerns, and then attending a meeting with the school.  Many families continue to use our services every year in the IEP process.  


Whatever your need, the scope of services we provide is entirely up to you, and we individually tailor a plan to meet your need and your budget.  You control the cost by how much you ask us to do.  We work with you to come up with an agreed scope of service and an estimate of cost, so you know what to expect.  You can change your approach at any time.

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